Madeleine McHugh

We love projects where we get to utilize our wide variety of creative abilities. Thus, one of our favorite projects this summer has been working with Madeleine McHugh, a local Christian singer-songwriter.

Madeleine recently finished recording a debut EP, entitled “For A Soul” and has been collaborating with Susan O’Neal, a retired publicist who worked out of Nashville with Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, and other renowned artists. They came to us looking to produce a promotional video introduce Madeleine McHugh to listeners. We decided to create a video that explored three main topics - Madeleine’s roots, her daily life, and the inspiration behind her new songs. A lot of work went into the making of the video, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

In addition to producing the video, we designed the album artwork for the “For A Soul” EP.

Madeleine also had us shoot a selection of promotional photos.

We also designed a temporary splash page for Madeleine’s website. Check out the screenshot of our design below, or visit the live page. The full website will be up soon.

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